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UNIBEN Part Time Admission Form 2020/2021 Out



UNIBEN Part-time Admission form for the 2020/2021 academic session is out on sale. Applications are hereby invited from suitably qualified candidates for admission into the University of Benin, UNIBEN Part-Time Degree Programmes for the 2020/2021 academic session.

UNIBEN Available Part time Degree Courses


The NUC has approved that the University of Benin can run the following degree programmes:

  • B. A. (English and Literature);
  • B. A. (International Studies and Diplomacy);
  • B. A. (Mass Communication);
  • B. A. (Ed) (Adult Education);
  • B. A. (Ed) (Adult Education, English & Literature);
  • B. Sc. (Ed) (Adult Education, Economics and Statistics);
  • B. Sc. (Ed) (Adult Education, Political Science);
  • B. A. (Ed) (History);
  • B. A. (Ed) (French);
  • B. A. (Ed) (Fine Arts);
  • B. A. (Ed) (Edo Language);
  • B. A. (Ed) (Religious Studies);
  • B. A. (Ed) (Eng. & Literature);
  • B. Sc. (Ed) (Biology);
  • B. Sc (Ed) (Chemistry);
  • B. Sc. (Ed) (Computer Science);
  • B. Sc (Ed) (Integrated Science);
  • B. Sc (Ed) (Mathematics);
  • B. Sc. (Ed) (Physics);
  • B. Sc. (Ed) (Social Studies);
  • B. Sc. (Ed) (Human Kinetics);
  • B. Sc. (Ed) (Health Education);
  • B. Sc. (Ed) (Environmental Education);
  • B. Sc. (Ed) (Economics & Statistics);
  • B. Sc. (Ed) (Geography & Regional Planning);
  • B. Sc. (Ed) (Political Science);
  • B. Sc. (Ed) (Educational Management);
  • B. Sc. (Ed) (Library and Information Science);
  • B. Sc. (Ed) (Childhood and Primary Education)
  • B. Sc. (Ed) (Agricultural Education);
  • B. Sc. (Ed) (Business Education with options in Accounting Education and Office Technology and Management);
  • B. Sc. (Ed) (Home Economics Education);
  • B. Sc (Ed) (Industrial and Technical Education with options in Automobile, Electrical/Electronics, Building/Woodwork and Metal Work Technology);
  • B. Sc. (Accounting);
  • B. Sc. (Banking and Finance);
  • B. Sc. (Industrial Physics);
  • B. Sc. (Computer Science);
  • B.Sc. (Statistics)
  • B. Sc. (Public Administration);
  • B. Sc. (Social Work);
  • Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm. D) Conversion

All applications should be made between 7.00 am June 1, 2021, and 12.00 midnight July 15, 2021. The procedure for the 2020/2021 application is as follows: Candidates are advised to have a valid email account before starting the application process.

1. Visit

2. Click on Student Portal

3. Click on myuniben Portal

4. Click on Online Application on the homepage to proceed

5. Click on ‘Start a new application’, read the instruction and click on ‘continue’

6. Fill in your personal data and select ‘ Programme Type’, Faculty, Department and Programme for both first and second choice courses.

7. Click on ‘Pay with Card’ to make application fee payment with either Visa or Master Card, follow the instruction to pay the application fees of N12,050.00 for degree and certificate programmes, and N12,500.00 for diploma programmes (the fees exclude other charges for Portal Services of N2,000.00). Application Number and Reference Number will be generated after successful payment and will be sent to the specified and functional ‘Email Address’.

8. Upload a RECENT and CLEAR ‘1×1’ COLOUR PASSPORT PHOTOGRAPH WITH RED BACKGROUND IN JPEG FORMAT ONLY. NOTE that the photograph uploaded will be the only valid ID for all admitted candidates throughout their stay in the University of Benin. FAILURE TO UPLOAD THE SPECIFIED PASSPORT PHOTOGRAPH WILL LEAD TO DISQUALIFICATION and failure/forfeiture of admission.

9. Preview and double-check your information before submitting your application online. (No correction will be accepted after the closing date).

10. Print out an acknowledgement slip that contains your details. Candidates should go back online on July 30, 2021 to check for the Day, Venue and Time for the Entrance Examination and other information.

NOTE: that GSM phones and calculators are NOT allowed during the screening.

The application website closes on July 15, 2021 (i.e., all applications must be concluded online not later than July 15, 2021 to be eligible to sit for the Entrance Examination which shall be computer-based).

The General University Admission Requirements that apply uniformly across the Faculties, as well as the Specific Faculty Admission Requirements, are displayed on the University website:
To qualify for the Entrance Examination into the various part-time degree programmes, candidates must satisfy the stated general and specific requirements for admission.

Please note that to complete this Admission Process, Candidates are required to fill out their details, including biometrics, at a JAMB-approved Centre on the JAMB site ( for a fee of N3,500

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FUBK Postgraduate Tuition Fee Calendar 2021/2022 Session




The FUBK postgraduate tuition fee schedule for the 2021/2022 academic session is available for new and old students.

See Updated FUBK Postgraduate Tuition Fees Below!

FUBK PG Tuition Fees for Masters Students

1. New students (master’s program) 125,000 N per semester
2. Returning students (master’s program) N 80,000 per semester

FUBK Postgraduate Tuition Fee for Pgd Fee Students

1. For students in PGD costs from 125,000 N per semester
2. Students returning to DPI from 80,000 N per semester

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FUWUKARI Postgraduate Tuition Fee Schedule 2021/2022




PROGRAMS UNIVERSITY FEES STATUS DPI Biological Sciences N133,500.00 Fresher DPI Biological Sciences 112,000.00 N Back DPI Mathematics N133,500.00 Fresher DPI Mathematics 112,000.00 N Back DPI Political Science N128,500.00 Fresher DPI Political Science N107,000.00 Back Economics of DPI N128,500.00 Fresher Economics of DPI N107,000.00 Back DPI philosophy N128,500.00 Fresher DPI philosophy N107,000.00 Back DPI Chemistry N133,500.00 Fresher DPI Chemistry 112,000.00 N Back PGD ​​Banking and Finance N128,500.00 Fresher PGD ​​Banking and Finance N107,000.00 Back IT DPI N133,500.00 Fresher IT DPI 112,000.00 N Back Physical DPI N133,500.00 Fresher Physical DPI 112,000.00 N Back PGD ​​Business Administration N128,500.00 Fresher PGD ​​Business Administration N107,000.00 Back DPI Biochemistry N133,500.00 Fresher DPI Biochemistry 112,000.00 N Back DPI Accounting N128,500.00 Fresher DPI Accounting N107,000.00 Back DPI microbiology N133,500.00 Fresher DPI microbiology 112,000.00 N Back DPI Statistics N133,500.00 Fresher DPI Statistics 112,000.00 N Back Sociology DPI N128,500.00 Fresher Sociology DPI N107,000.00 Back PGD ​​Soil Science and Land Management N133,500.00 Fresher PGD ​​Soil Science and Land Management 112,000.00 N Back DPI Food Science and Technology N133,500.00 Fresher DPI Food Science and Technology 112,000.00 N Back DPI crop production and protection N133,500.00 Fresher DPI crop production and protection 112,000.00 N Back DPI Agricultural extension and rural sociology N133,500.00 Fresher DPI Agricultural extension and rural sociology 112,000.00 N Back DPI Forestry and Wildlife N133,500.00 Fresher DPI Forestry and Wildlife 112,000.00 N Back DPI Animal Prod. and health N133,500.00 Fresher DPI Animal Prod. and health 112,000.00 N Back DPI Fisheries and Aquaculture N133,500.00 Fresher DPI Fisheries and Aquaculture 112,000.00 N Back DPI Agricultural Economics N133,500.00 Fresher DPI Agricultural Economics 112,000.00 N Back PGD ​​Hotel and Tourism Management N133,500.00 Fresher PGD ​​Hotel and Tourism Management 112,000.00 N Back DPI Public administration N128,500.00 Fresher DPI Public administration N107,000.00 Back M.Sc. Agricultural extension and rural sociology N151,000.00 Fresher M.Sc. Agricultural extension and rural sociology N129,500.00 Back M.Sc. Political Science N141,000.00 Fresher M.Sc. Political Science N119,500.00 Back M.Sc. Accounting N141,000.00 Fresher M.Sc. Accounting N119,500.00 Back M.Sc. Mathematics N151,000.00 Fresher M.Sc. Mathematics N129,500.00 Back M.Sc. Public Administration N141,000.00 Fresher M.Sc. Public Administration N119,500.00 Back PhD Biochemistry N196,000.00 Fresher PhD Biochemistry N174,500.00 Back M.Sc. Fisheries and aquaculture N151,000.00 Fresher M.Sc. Fisheries and aquaculture N129,500.00 Back M.Sc. Economics N141,000.00 Fresher M.Sc. Economics N119,500.00 Back M.Sc. Food Science and Technology N151,000.00 Fresher M.Sc. Food Science and Technology N129,500.00 Back M.Sc. Banking and Finance N141,000.00 Fresher M.Sc. Banking and Finance N119,500.00 Back M.Sc. Forestry and Wildlife N151,000.00 Fresher M.Sc. Forestry and Wildlife N129,500.00 Back M.Sc. Business Administration N141,000.00 Fresher M.Sc. Business Administration N119,500.00 Back M.Sc. Sociology N141,000.00 Fresher M.Sc. Sociology N119,500.00 Back M.Sc. Statistics N151,000.00 Fresher M.Sc. Statistics N129,500.00 Back M.Sc. Physics N151,000.00 Fresher M.Sc. Physics N129,500.00 Back M.Sc. Soil Science and Land Management N151,000.00 Fresher M.Sc. Soil Science and Land Management N129,500.00 Back Doctorate in History and Diplomatic Studies N186,000.00 Fresher Doctorate in History and Diplomatic Studies N164,500.00 Back PhD Philosophy N186,000.00 Fresher PhD Philosophy N164,500.00 Back My philosophy N141,000.00 Fresher My philosophy N119,500.00 Back M.Sc. Chemistry N151,000.00 Fresher M.Sc. Chemistry N129,500.00 Back doctorate Forestry and wildlife N196,000.00 Fresher doctorate Forestry and wildlife N174,500.00 Back M.Sc. Production and Crop Protection N151,000.00 Fresher M.Sc. Production and Crop Protection N129,500.00 Back MA English Language and Literature N141,000.00 Fresher MA English Language and Literature N119,500.00 Back M.Sc. Biochemistry N151,000.00 Fresher M.Sc. Biochemistry N129,500.00 Back M.Sc. Microbiology N151,000.00 Fresher M.Sc. Microbiology N129,500.00 Back M.Sc. Prod. and health N151,000.00 Fresher M.Sc. Prod. and health N129,500.00 Back M.Sc. Hospitality and Tourism Management N151,000.00 Fresher M.Sc. Hospitality and Tourism Management N129,500.00 Back M.Sc. Agricultural Economics N151,000.00 Fresher M.Sc. Agricultural Economics N129,500.00 Back M.Sc. Biological Sciences N151,000.00 Fresher M.Sc. Biological Sciences N129,500.00 Back M.Sc. Computer Science N151,000.00 Fresher M.Sc. Computer Science N129,500.00 Back MA History and Diplomatic Studies N141,000.00 Fresher MA History and Diplomatic Studies N119,500.00 Back PhD Fisheries and aquaculture N196,000.00 Fresher PhD Fisheries and aquaculture N174,500.00 Back Doctorate Hospitality and Tourism Management N196,000.00 Fresher Doctorate Hospitality and Tourism Management N174,500.00 Back PhD in Food Science and Technology N196,000.00 Fresher PhD in Food Science and Technology N174,500.00 Back Ph.D. Crop production and protection N196,000.00 Fresher Ph.D. Crop production and protection N174,500.00 Back doctorate Public administration N186,000.00 Fresher doctorate Public administration N164,500.00 Back doctorate Prod. and health N196,000.00 Fresher doctorate Prod. and health N174,500.00 Back PhD Agricultural economics N196,000.00 Fresher PhD Agricultural economics N174,500.00 Back PhD Agricultural extension and rural sociology N196,000.00 Fresher PhD Agricultural extension and rural sociology N174,500.00 Back doctorate physics N196,000.00 Fresher doctorate physics N174,500.00 Back PhD Sociology N186,000.00 Fresher PhD Sociology N164,500.00 Back PhD Mathematics N196,000.00 Fresher PhD Mathematics N174,500.00 Back PhD in Biological Sciences N196,000.00 Fresher PhD in Biological Sciences N174,500.00 Back PhD Microbiology N196,000.00 Fresher PhD Microbiology N174,500.00 Back PhD Statistics N196,000.00 Fresher PhD Statistics N174,500.00 Back PhD Accounting N186,000.00 Fresher PhD Accounting N164,500.00 Back PhD Computer Science N196,000.00 Fresher PhD Computer Science N174,500.00 Back doctorate in chemistry N196,000.00 Fresher doctorate in chemistry N174,500.00 Back PhD Business Administration N186,000.00 Fresher PhD Business Administration N164,500.00 Back Doctorate Economics N186,000.00 Fresher Doctorate Economics N164,500.00 Back doctorate English language and literature N186,000.00 Fresher doctorate English language and literature N164,500.00 Back PhD Political Science N186,000.00 Fresher PhD Political Science N164,500.00 Back PhD Soil Sciences and Land Management N196,000.00 Fresher PhD Soil Sciences and Land Management N174,500.00 Back Banking and finance doctorate N186,000.00 Fresher Banking and finance doctorate N164,500.00 Back
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IAUE qualification test for graduate students with a GPA of 4.5 and above




IAUE Qualifying Test for Graduating Students with CGPA of 4.5 and Above

The management of Ignatius Ajuru University of Education (IAUE) has decided to conduct a qualifying test for all graduate students for the year 2021 on a cumulative grade point average of 4.5 points and above.

IAUE qualification test for graduate students with a GPA of 4.5 and above

Concerned that certain factors may have influenced the first-class degrees obtained by some students, the Senate of Ignatius Ajuru University of Education at its statutory meeting on Wednesday July 28, 2021 decided that all students graduate for the year 2021 on a cumulative grade point average of 4.5 points and above should make themselves available on Thursday August 5, 2021 on the main campus of the ICT Center by 11:00 a.m. for a qualifying test.

The Senate made this decision as part of the measures to ensure that these students deserve the status of first-class diploma thus obtained. It is therefore advisable for all concerned to come to the ICT Center for the qualification test in their own interest.

The Senate, however, approved the results of the unaffected students as presented by the deans of the faculties of business studies, education, humanities, natural and applied sciences, social sciences, vocational and technical education.

The President of the Senate and Vice-Chancellor of the IAUE, Professor Ozo-Mekuri Ndimele, praised the Faculty of Business Studies and the Faculty of Education for reporting their results on time and urged others to follow suit.

The Dean of the Postgraduate School, Professor Godspower Irikana, also presented the results of the 2017/2017 PhD, 2018/2019 PhD, 2018/2019 MSc, MPhil 2019/2020 and PGD and PGDE 2019/2020 students. Of the 240 results presented for the studies of the Faculty of Business, 224 students passed, 5 students failed with 11 pending results.

For the Faculty of Education, 224 results were presented, among which 221 students passed, 2 students failed and 1 pending result.

The Faculty of Human Sciences presented 41 results among which 40 students passed, 1 student however failed.

78 results were presented for the Faculty of Natural and Applied Sciences, among which 75 students passed, 3 students failed.

The Faculty of Social Sciences presented 54 results, including 52 successful students and 2 pending.

The Faculty of Vocational and Technical Education presented 16 results, of which 15 students passed and 1 pending result.

In total, 653 results were presented by the dean of the postgraduate school, of which 627 students passed, 11 failed and 15 are pending. The Senate approved the results as presented by the dean of the PG.

The Director of the Continuing Education College, Professor Samuel Amaele, presented the graduation results for 2019/2020 and the additional results which the Senate also approved. The Senate also approved his request to make the local government area of ​​Ahoada East and Bori centers of study for better development of human capital.

The Senate approved the request for an external examiner for the Graduate School of Business presented by Professor Joseph Kinanee.

Professor AM Onyeozu is now head of the adult education department. The Senate approved his appointment as head of the new department.

Members of the Faculty of Business Studies present at the Senate meeting were delighted to have been mandated by the Senate to immediately occupy their new building.

The owners of stores in the new paradise were also mandated by the Senate to occupy their stores.

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