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Gossy Table Water – All You Need To Know About Gossy Warm Spring Water

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Gossy Table Water – All You Need To Know About Gossy Warm Spring Water

GOSSY is Nigeria’s pioneer warm spring bottled water brand. GOSSY is a leading and dependable premium quality spring water brand.

Gossy Warm Springs Limited is a beverage company that prides itself as one of the top providers of natural spring water in Nigeria. Gossy Warm Springs Limited was acquired by Saro Africa International in 2018.

Their lead product is Gossy Natural Spring Water, a bottled water brand in Nigeria which has been in existence since 2003. Its source; Ikogosi Warm Springs in Ekiti state is reflective of our mission to provide healthy beverages.

Gossy Natural spring water is safe to drink as it’s free from chemical treatment or additives, properly filtered and naturally infused with minerals and vitamins to provide nourishment and wellness to our consumers.

Gossy Natural Spring Water has been endorsed by the Nigerian Heart Foundation and is the preferred water brand amongst discerning consumers as it guarantees general detoxification and wellness.

Gossy Natural Spring Water is sourced from Ikogosi Warm Springs, Ekiti State in Nigeria.

In the heart of Ikogosi, a small quiet town lies a warm spring that has received national and international acclaim. What makes Ikogosi Warm Springs special is how it has a warm and cold spring flowing side by side.

Gossy Table Water – All You Need To Know About Gossy Warm Spring Water

The spring is a true mystery of nature as experts say that its rock formation is unique and can not be found anywhere else in the world. The warm and cold springs of Ikogosi originate from a close proximity, come to a meeting point, and flow together with each spring retaining its thermal identity.

The warm and cold springs flow with a volume of up to 150 litres per second and at a constant temperature of 70°C and 37°C respectively.

Another unique quality of the Ikogosi Warm Springs is that it is believed to have a therapeutic effect that relieves body aches and all sorts of ailments. A lot of tourists visiting the place take advantage of the large warm water swimming pool provided for this purpose and other recreational needs.

Gossy Natural Spring Water fully sourced from Ikogosi Warm Springs, is affordable and indigenous with a classy bottle design. It is water in its purest form with naturally occurring minerals and no chemical additives.

This is all you have wanted to know about GOSSY TABLE WATER.

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