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What is Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is a very popularly advertising company that generates good income for most bloggers and YouTubers, Google Adsense has been leading the other ad company with lots of it’s great features and the best way to maximize your earnings.

But most bloggers are complaining that their blogs/websites aren’t getting approved by this advertisement company Google Adsense.

Because of their strong rules and regulations and policies laid down by this ads company, it has made it difficult for most bloggers to get their website approved.

So therefore, TheReviewLand has bring the best Google Adsense Alternative that does not give you much problem before getting approved.

The Advertisement company am talking about is a partner to Google Adsense and it has not been recognized much but due to some good reviews am hearing from people here and there, I have made my findings and discover that this Advertisement company is truly the best alternative to Google Adsense.

What is the Best Alternative to Google Adsense

The Company am talking about is

What is is an ad network that allow publishers to earn money for the ads showing on their respective website. is a cost per click (CPC) website similar to Google AdSense. ads is very similar to how Google Adsense shows their ads. also allow advertiser to run campaign on their website to let advertiser make sales for his/her products through campaign.

If you run ads on you will surely make a sales while you run ads on their site…

How legit is

However, ALLSCHOOLINFO haven’t gotten a payment proof from anybody yet but we are working towards it to make sure we are sure of what really is. Therefore we can’t say foremedia is Legit or Scam. If you have received or you have anyone that has gotten payment from this Advertisement company kindly send us the payment proof to our official email address

How does Foremedia Ads Look like

Foremedia Ads really looks like that of Adsense ads.
See proof below;

Disclaimer: We aren’t paid nor given any gratitude for publishing this Review. We heard about it and we decided wholeheartedly to make a Review on the Advertisement company “FOREMEDIA”

How does Foremedia Works?

Foremedia Pays it’s publishers by placing their ads code on their perspective Websites. Their dashboard is similar to that of Google Adsense and also their ads is very similar to Google Adsense.
Foremedia dashboard

How does Foremedia Pay it’s Publishers

Foremedia has two payments methods which are:
• Bank Payment
• PayPal

ForeMedia Proof of Earning

A friend of mine shared this to me to serve as evidence to show that Foremedia publishers are liable to earn money.

What Type of Ads Does Foremedia serves (Ad Format)

We are glad to tell you that Foremedia offers 4 ad format which are:
• Display Ads
• Native ads
• Push Notification Ads​
• Pop Ads

How many days does it take Foremedia to approve my website

According to what we saw on Foremedia, Validation time is up to 7 business days

Is Foremedia safe to visit?

Yes, We are glad to tell you that all your credentials, login details are safe as the website is secured. Therefore Foremedia is safe to visit.

How can I apply on Foremedia

If you are interested in Foremedia ads company, kindly click Here or copy this link and paste it on your browser address bar, When the website finished loading, click on Monetize your traffic, after that it will take you to Registration page, kindly fill out everything and follow the process. Incase you made a mistake or you did not get it right kindly Contact us

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