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Child Abuse Review, Types, Causes and Symptoms

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To start with,it is worth considering the meaning of the above words differently.

Child Abuse

Who is a child? A child is a person who has not yet attain or reached Adulthood whether natural (puberty), cultural (initiation), or legal (majority). A child can be one’s direct descendant by birth,regardless of age; a son or daughter.for example: My youngest child is forty-three this year.

What is Abuse? It refers to improper treatment or usage: application to a wrong or bad purpose;an unjust,corrupt or wrongful practice or custom. Abuse can be physical maltreatment; injury; cruel treatment; violation; defilement; rape or forcing of undesired sexual activity by one person on another,often on a repeated basis.

Child Abuse is when a parent or caregiver,whether through action or failing to act,causes injury,death, emotional harm or risk of serious harm or pain to a child.child abuse can be either physical,sexual, emotional or psychological,unjust,unfair maltreatment or neglect that causes harm to a child under 18years of age.any intentional harm or maltreatment to a child under 18years of age is considered child Abuse.

Some Various Forms of Child Abuse:

Physical Abuse: this is a situation whereby the child is intentionally physically hurt or harmed by the abuser.e.g, unexplained wounds,cuts or injuries on the child’s body,bruises,spanking scars etc inflicted on the child by the abuser.

Sexual Abuse: this is a situation whereby the child is being exposed to child pornography, misuse or exploitation of the child genitals such as fondling, touching,oral_genital is also sexually abusing a child by having direct intercourse with the child.the abuser or molester may even go as far as threatening to kill the child should he/she reports or inform anybody about what is happening between them.
some sexually abuse signs on the child to note includes:

being unable to walk or sit properly,

feeling of pepperish pains in the child’s private region,

some blood stains in the child’s underwear,

constantly rubbing or fondling of the genitals,

inappropriate sexual contact with other children.

sexually abused children tend to have lots of nightmares,lack or loss of sleep(insomnia)having sexual addiction or sexual dysfunction,anxiety, depression,risk of sexually transmitted diseases,scared of being in relationships,loss of interest in sex, to mention but a few.

Emotional or psychological Abuse: A child can be emotionally abused by berating, belittling,or lowering a child’s self esteem. shouting,talking down on a child, constantly yelling, ignoring or isolating a child can lead to loss of self confidence or self could as well lead to depression, social withdrawal and making the child desperately seeks for attention and affection.some examples of emotional abuse are

bodyshaming a fat or obese child

Mocking or making the child the subject of jokes among his/her peers.

Saying hurtful or negative words to a child

Never creating a conducive atmosphere or giving listening ear whenever the child wishes to voice out his/her grievances or emotions.

Child neglect: This is  also a form of child means making a child lacks the basic needs or ignore and deprive a child of adequate care and attention.basis needs such as good clothes, good food,good health care,good education, parental love and care, is the duty of parents to meet the needs of their kids and it is the right of every child/children to enjoy adequate provisions and care from their parents.children who lack or are being deprived of the above basic needs tends to be at risk of developing lifelong social/emotional and health problems particularly if neglected at a very tender age.some signs of a neglected child are: constantly absent from school, consistently dirty,looking haggard or unkept, habitually begs for foods or money,most times steals or convent his/her peers belonging etc.

Child Abuse is caused by an adult,majorly by a  parent or extended can also be someone the parents trust so much such as a caregiver,a teacher,a home lesson coach,the nextdoor_neighbor,a clergy,a street brother or sister,or someone having a role of authority in the child’s life.

The centre for Diseases control and Prevention (CDP) says at least 1in 7 children ✓ in the United States experience some form of abuse or neglect each year. However,the number may be much higher since abuse is often not reported.

Some Common Symptoms of a abused child

Changes in behaviour

Resisting being around a particular person

Resisting going to a specific place/location

Withdrawing from friends or going about certain individual

Being absent_minded or gets carried away most of the time.

Always forgetful of work taught and learnt during class or lectures

Loss of confidence or trust in a particular person

Constantly moody or unhappy at the sight of a particular person or individual.


There should be creation of child welfare agencies in every community.

Seminars or orientation relating to child_abuse prevention programs should be introduced.

A school_based programmes on the rights of every child should be organised

Parents should try as much as possible to develop cordial relationship with their kids.




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